LineWorks iGate

Reporting of live data

For organizations the use of LineWorks iGate allows IT specialists to establish a repository of dynamic web reports from live data. In a standard browser the reports provide the end users with an interactive graphical user interface to trigger high-level queries and assemble dynamic reports that consist mainly of linked tables, charts,  and lists. LineWorks iGate helps save development time. The report development is based on XML templates and does not require programming efforts. The attractive report design supports individual CI policies and enables a fast but controlled access to information.


iGate Core

  • Publish by configuration
  • Provide reports just via configuration
  • Define a report layout without being a WEB specialist
  • Configuration based on XML-Files
  • Easy and fast integration of existing data sources
  • Third-Party products
  • Local customer databases
  • Application development like WebUI
  • Support for user authorization together with LineWorks UA


  • Controlled execution of cyclic tasks
  • Definition of orders (tasks) based on time and frequency
  • Support for plug ins to implement additional tasks

Highlights of Release 3.x:

  • Reports in the time zone of the users
  • Table usability improvements

    • Multiple levels of column groups
    • Collapse column groups

  • Dashboards enhancements

    • Publish your dashboard
    • Maximize view on specific reports
    • Select individual content

  • Direct export to

    • MS Excel in XLSX
    • Cornerstone

  • Support for Applications Server JBoss EAP 6.2 or Wildfly 8.1
  • Global NLS properties

LW iGate Download


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More detailed information on data processing is available via the following link: Customer Information Sheet.